Second Opinions

Dr. Graham Smith encourages his patients to get second opinions, and offers
this service to patients planning any type of spinal surgery. While he has
specialized in lumbar spine and SIJ disorders, he keeps abreast of best
practices, emerging technology and current research literature on cervical,
thoracic, scoliosis and lumbar spine surgery.

Patients and surgeons can benefit from having another set of eyes evaluate
medical problems and planned treatments. Because every doctor’s training is
different and the areas they specialize in can be diverse – leading to a variation in
clinical experience – it is beneficial for doctors and patients to request second
opinions. As a patient, you may gain extra insight by talking to an additional
specialist. In this information age society, it is near impossible for any one
physician or surgeon to remain current on all the potential treatment options and
research. Patients that have had surgery and are concerned about their progress
may elect to get a second opinion in order to review their medical situation and
rehabilitation. This can often be reassuring and offer possible explanations for
slow progress or complications.

Insurance coverage for second opinions depends on the time that has elapsed
since a patient’s surgery. There is typically a 90-day period (depending on the
insurance provider) for which everything related to a patient’s care is paid for as
part of the surgery. As a result, surgical second opinions are typically done after
patients are past that period in order to qualify for insurance to cover additional
care related to their surgery.

For those patients electing not to have surgery, conservative care options can be
discussed and reviewed. In this case, every effort is made to educate patients on
possible complications or permanent injuries by electing not to have certain
recommended spinal procedures and how to recognize serious symptoms. Dr.
Graham Smith offers minimally invasive, conservative management and
rehabilitation options for his patients. Dr. Graham Smith believes in his patients,
and all patients, taking an active and cooperative role in their medical care.

To schedule a second opinion with Dr. Arnold Graham Smith, please contact our
office at 904-391-6862. If you are a new patient, please review our New Patients
page for relevant instruction and documentation.